Operation Timothy


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What is Operation Timothy?

Operation Timothy is an investigative Bible study used by the men of Christian Businessmen’s Connection (CBMC) for more than 40 years to make disciples just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19 "go into all the world and make disciples". The name Operation Timothy comes from the relationship the Apostle Paul had with a young man named Timothy. It is more than a curriculum or set of lessons, so just as Paul took Timothy "under his wing" and invested his life into him while teaching him spiritual truths, so we in CBMC help others grow spiritually within the context of relationship. We call this relationship life-on-life.


There are 3 books in the Operation Timothy series. Each book builds concept upon concept, and will take the disciple deeper and deeper into the truths of Scripture. By leveraging the natural connections that form in the trenches of day-to-day life, a man can make this investment in another man, and both will be impacted for all eternity. This life-on-life relationship was lived out in practical daily accountability, teaching of the scriptures and simply "doing life together." Paul’s investment into Timothy’s life helped Timothy to grow into a mature believer who went on to be a leader and pastor in the first century church.


Operation Timothy is designed for a changing culture…


Why Operation Timothy?

The answer is quite simple: We are commanded "to make disciples" (Matthew 28:19) and the Lord "desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of Him" (1 Timothy 2:4). God did not choose angels or His creation to articulate this good news of Jesus Christ, and God did not choose a few gifted individuals to be His messengers. He chose every believer to be a witness of His glory in their words, in their conduct, and in their attitudes (Matthew 5:16).

Most of us shy away from Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples” because we feel unsure of exactly how to go about it. Does that describe you? Because if it does, Operation Timothy is a “roadmap” in the disciple-making process.

Thousands have used Operation Timothy and have had their lives and their life vision changed. It is an opportunity for you to build a relationship with another believer, either one-on-one or in a small group.


Operation Timothy - Your free resource!

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Finding God's Blueprint for Your Life by Andy Stanley

Book 1 - Life Questions

In this section you will find the Key Points that will be emphasized in each chapter.

Chapter 1: What is the purpose of life?

Key Point

  • Only by mastering the key life question, "Why am I here?" can we begin to reveal our purpose in life.

Chapter 2: Is the Bible credible?

Key Points

  • The Bible is unique and unlike any other book in history
  • The purpose of the Bible is threefold: for God to show Himself to people, to show people how they are to relate with others, and how they are to interact with God
  • The fulfilled prophecies of the Bible lay a foundation for its credibility.

Chapter 3: Where is God?

Key Points

  • His character and instructions about work, relationships & money demonstrate He is relevant.
  • Understanding who God is shows we can trust Him.

Chapter 4: Who is Jesus?

Key Points

  • Jesus entered time and space 2000 years ago as a man who walked, talked, ate, slept, got hungry, died on a cross, was buried and rose again.
  • Jesus was more than a good man or a great teacher; He was God. The testimony of His disciples, the miracles He performed and what Jesus said about who He is, confirm His deity.

Chapter 5: Why did Jesus come?

 Key Points

  • Jesus came to provide the way for man to have a relationship with God.
  • Jesus did many miracles to demonstrate that He was more than a mere man.
  • Jesus died by crucifixion, and He rose from the dead.
  • Jesus will come again in the final days of the earth.


Chapter 6: Can I be accepted and forgiven?

Key Points

  • No one is perfect - all have sinned and are separated from God.
  • We all need forgiveness.
  • The basis for forgiveness is not what we do (i.e. good works), but receiving what Jesus has done for us. Forgiveness is s gift, but must be received.
  • The result is that we are no longer condemned but have peace with God.


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Book 2 - Life Foundations

In this section you will find the Key Points that will be emphasized in each chapter.

Chapter 1: New Life in Christ

Key Points

  • Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life. All we can do is surrender our lives to His control and accept His free gift of salvation resulting in eternal life.
  • We have a connection with God through Christ, by believing, confessing and repenting of our sins.
  • We can be sure about our eternal destiny
  • Eternal life begins now (not in heaven someday in the future.)


Chapter 2: Our New Identity

Key Points

  • The world will attempt to define who I am, but it is more important to know who God says I am.
  • We receive a new identity at the moment of salvation – new creation, new family, and new heritage.
  • We live the Christian life as we abide in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Chapter 3: Battling with the World, the Flesh and the Devil

Key Points

  • We are in a spiritual battle that is unseen and supernatural in nature.
  • This spiritual battle is with the world, the flesh and the Devil or Satan.
  • Satan and his forces are extremely clever, subtle and powerful.
  • God has not left us defenseless but has provided spiritual armor.
  • Because of what Christ did on the cross in defeating death, Satan’s most powerful weapon, the final outcome has been decided.

Chapter 4: Dealing with Temptation

Key Points

  • At the heart of our obedience is God's love for us and our love for Him.
  • Everyone will be tempted in this life, and everyone will fail.
  • When we fail, God has provided a means of forgiveness through Christ. Our relationship with God is not severed, but our fellowship may be. Confession restores our fellowship.
  • Ongoing obedience is a process that is made possible through our knowledge of God’s Word and His Spirit’s enabling; we cannot do it on our own.

Chapter 5: Discovering the Holy Spirit

Key Points

  • The Holy Spirit is God and He is a very important member of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Every believer has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is often overlooked, not understood, or under-appreciated.
  • The Holy Spirit is a valuable resource for each of us. He serves many functions, including linking us to The Father, convicting us of sin, giving us the ability to recognize sin and abstain from it, and giving us the spiritual gifts.
  • Living a life yielded to, and led by, the Holy Spirit is the best way to stay connected to The Father and to produce plentiful fruit.

Chapter 6: Communicating with God

Key Points

  • Praying may consist of praise, thanksgiving, confession and asking for help for oneself and others.
  • God answers all prayer - yes, no or wait; yet there are some conditions for prayer (belief, pure heart, unselfish motives, etc.).
  • A "Ten Most Wanted" prayer list helps us focus on people we desire to come to Christ. A quiet time is vital and special time alone with God to hear from Him, share our hearts and be directed by Him.


Chapter 7: Telling Others Our Story

Key Points

  • God has called all believers to share their faith - there are no exceptions.
  • The message is clear and simple: Christ, as God, became a man who lived, died and rose again to forgive our sins. Only as we receive this gift of a relationship with Christ will we experience forgiveness and have eternal life - now and forever.
  • Every Christian has a story to tell: my life without Christ, how I came to know Him personally, my changed and changing life with Christ.


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pdf.gif Foundations (40MB)


Book 3 - Life Perspectives

In this section you will find the Key Points that will be emphasized in each chapter.

Chapter 1: Digging into the Bible

Key Points

  • The Bible is God’s message to man on who He is, what His promises to us are, and how we are to live.
  • In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, we need to have a balance of hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating upon the Scriptures.
  • When studying or meditating on a passage, it helps to ask the questions: What? So what? Now what?

Chapter 2: Knowing God's Will

Key Points

  • God has a plan and purpose for every one of His children. He has a universal purpose which includes everyone: to love Him, worship Him, be a witness for Him, to be thankful, abstain from immorality, etc.
  • His unique will for us begins as we surrender our will and desires and fully follow Christ.
  • God is interested in our hearts and how we proceed as He is in what we do.
  • A right relationship with God is essential to hearing God’s direction for us moment by moment.

Chapter 3: Becoming a Person of Character

Key Points

  • Developing character is a moral struggle that doesn’t begin with us, but begins with Christ in us.
  • Character is forged in the fiery furnace of trials and difficulties.
  • Humility is the ultimate expression of character, through which God can have free reign in our lives.
  • Character begins with my view of God, is reflected in my values, and displayed in my behavior. It is a process that happens from the inside out; changing my behavior doesn’t always change my view of God.

Chapter 4: Relationships

Key Points

  • Relationships are part of living the Christian life. They reflect the practical side of our spiritual walk, which is being played out in friendships, associations, marriage, and family.
  • God designed marriage in consistency with His nature. Due to sin, there are going to be difficulties, but He has provided instruction in Scripture and His Spirit to help us have good marriages.

Chapter 5: Kingdom Perspectives

Key Points

  • How can we understand God’s value system versus the world’s.
  • God does not want us to be “Lone Rangers,” but rather involved with others in the fellowship of the church.
  • What is the Biblical meaning of success?
  • We want to communicate the difference between ownership and stewardship since everything belongs to God and not us.
  • God owns it all and wants us to be faithful stewards of what He has given us.
  • Our giving reveals much about our heart attitude toward money and toward God.

Chapter 6: Your Calling as an Insider

Key Points

  • An “insider” is “in the world” and therefore can relate to searching people in his areas of personal influence without being perceived as too preachy, while at the same time not embracing values and behaviors those are “of the world.”
  • To be effective, an insider must have common ground with non-believers.
  • We are more effective if we work as a team with other believers.
  • Busyness and over-commitment will render us ineffective as an insider.

Chapter 7: Multiplying Your Life

Key Points

  • Discipling is like parenting. It requires sacrifice, perseverance, and dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  • Discipling is a transformation process in the context of a relationship. It works from the inside out.
  • The goal of discipleship is being Christ-like.
  • We are to be intentional about discipling others.
  • God calls us to live a life of fruitfulness – spiritual multiplication and reproduction.


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